Wine Cellar

The wine cellar connects the antique traditions of the insular autochthonous grapevines with the modern techniques of wine making. Therefore we succeed producing leading products, like our dessert wines, in which its sweet loveliness unites with the fragrance of wild berries.


If the “Ansonica”, an amber-coloured dessert wine, is the oldest wine of Elba, originally imported by the Greeks, then the “Aleatico”, with its unmistakable rose and cherry bouquet, has to be considered the most typical wine from the island. Finally the golden “Moscato” from Elba has shortly been rediscovered and d.o.c. certified, saving it so from the risk of extinction. Mixing the “Procanico”, the “Ansonica” and the “Vermentino”, in a correct relationship to each other, we give origin to a lip-smacking white wine, with an intense bouquet. Whereas the full-bodied and the slight herbaceous taste of the Sangiovese , associated with  Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, is naturally lifted by aging in wine barrels.


The winery annually produces 70000 bottles, 10000 of them are white dessert wines, coming from 750 quintals of grapes manually harvested in small boxes. The wine cellar, with its vanguard technologies, does not merely represent the productive aspects of the company, but is also a direct selling of our wines. All of this can be experienced in an indoor setting, where the steel of the machinery faces the wine-fermentation vessels, the wooden roof, the vaults and an external scenery of great naturalistic esteem, in which the vines and cork oak forests meet the eye.

The Cellar is open for the direct sale of our wines, sparkling wines and raisin wines by reservation only.