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The Azienda Agricola “Le Sughere del Montefico“, a farm holidays winery, is situated on the Montefico mountain, which dominates the town of Rio Marina, in the heart of the mining area at the East Coast of the Elba island. The winery is extended over 35 hectares of land, about 8 hectares of which have a high concentration of grapevines dedicated to it.

The grapevines are set on a slope disposed with terraces, where the soil is particularly rich of minerals and vegetal fibre remains. On these terraces at the back the mountain descending towards the sea under cork oaks, pine trees and the Mediterranean scrubland, we find the same vegetation that covers the Montefico area. This lucky situation also determines the smell and the taste of the grapes and thus of the wines: taste and bouquet, which evidence becomes even more intense and more particular in the dessert wines, thanks to a progressive method during a natural ripening process.

Farm Holidays

An oasis of peace on the Elba Island.

Guests are accommodated in two traditional farmhouses, renovated prioritising the recovery of original materials and furnished with late 19th-early 20th century furniture. There are 7 rooms with sea view, each with en-suite facilities, TV, minibar and safe, as well as two two-roomed apartments in a 3rd farmhouse (also recently renovated) a short distance from the others.

The farmhouses stand on the northern slopes of Monte Fico, in a hillside area, on terraces supported by dry-stone walls, surrounded by vineyards and ancient cork oak and ilex, myrtle, lentisk and strawberry trees, with the calm and silence broken only by the noises of the woods. The houses enjoy a sweeping view of the Strait of Piombino and in particular of the small islands of Palmaiola and Cerboli.

The holiday farm is about 2 Km from the town of Rio Marina and the sea. It is accessed by an initial section of rather steep paved road, with a final 300 m unpaved stretch. The location is pleasantly breezy, and given the thick vegetation, the temperature on summer evenings is delightful.

The Wine Cellar

The meeting between tradition and innovation.

The wine cellar connects the antique traditions of the insular autochthonous grapevines with the modern techniques of wine making. Therefore we succeed producing leading products, like our dessert wines, in which its sweet loveliness unites with the fragrance of wild berries.

If the “Ansonica”, an amber-coloured dessert wine, is the oldest wine of Elba, originally imported by the Greeks, then the “Aleatico”, with its unmistakable rose and cherry bouquet, has to be considered the most typical wine from the island. Finally the golden “Moscato” from Elba has shortly been rediscovered and d.o.c. certified, saving it so from the risk of extinction. Mixing the “Procanico”, the “Ansonica” and the “Vermentino”, in a correct relationship to each other, we give origin to a lip-smacking white wine, with an intense bouquet. Whereas the full-bodied and the slight herbaceous taste of the Sangiovese , associated with  Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, is naturally lifted by aging in wine barrels.

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